Executive and stewards

President:  Melissa Dunn, Maple Ridge

Phone: 604-466-4344
Email: mserafin@ualberta.ca

Melissa is a Fleet System Technician at the Operations Centre and has been working as Maple Ridge’s Chief Shop Steward for several years.

Vice President:  Rob Dorrell, Maple Ridge Operations Centre

Phone: 604-240-7584  Local Extension: 3508

Rob started out as a Shop Steward and is currently in his fourth term as Vice President.  Rob is a member of the Labour Management Committee, and was also a member of the Negotiating Committee during the last round of Bargaining.  Rob is based at the Operations Centre in the  Mechanics Workshop, and is often found at all Civic Facilities on Union business.

Secretary Treasurer:  Deb Kinar, Fire Department

Deb has worked for the City of Maple Ridge since 2008.  She has worked in various departments for the City of Maple Ridge including RCMP, Finance, Operations and the Fire Department.  This year, her goal is to complete the BCIT Financial Management certificate program.  In her spare time, she loves to host international students, spend time travelling with her family & friends and listen to 80’s music.

Chief Shop Steward – Maple Ridge:  Nicole Barratt, Finance Department

Chief Shop Steward – Pitt Meadows: Bob Williams

Sergeant at Arms and Member at Large – Maple Ridge: Rob Dyer, Maple Ridge Licenses, Permits & Bylaws Department

Phone: 604-476-3076

Rob works in the Plumbing section of the Inspection Services department as a Cross-Connection Officer & Trades Inspector.This is Rob’s first Term as Sergeant At Arms.  Rob is also the Chair of the Scholarship Selection Committee. If you have questions regarding Scholarship applications or process, please contact Rob at robert.dyer@shaw.ca

Recording Secretary – Maple Ridge:  Michelle Baski

Phone: 604-467-7330

Email: cupe622secretary@gmail.com

Michelle works in the Planning Department and was part of the Union’s Social Committee for several years.  She is currently a member of the Bargaining Committee.

Member at Large – Maple Ridge:  Rachel Ollenberger, Maple Ridge Engineering Department

Email: rachelo_cupe622@live.ca

Rachel works in the Engineering department as an Engineering Technologist. She is a longtime member of the Executive Board and has served for many years as a Shop Steward.  Rachel is currently responsible for Job Evaluations and Reclassifications. She is a member of the Labour Management Committee.

Member at Large – Maple Ridge: Derek Gray, Waterworks Department

Phone: 604-613-3049
Email: derekg.cupe622@gmail.com

Derek is the newest member of the Executive Board. He has been working for the City of Maple Ridge since 2013 and has taken an active interest in the union. Derek is looking forward to working with the CUPE622 team along with all union members to build a stronger team morale and making our union a great team to be a part of!

“I’m here for you, so feel free to get in touch with me about any ideas you may have for union get-togethers, outings, team building activities and the like. Everybody’s opinion and input matters.”


If you have a concern or issue that you would like to discuss with a Shop Steward, please contact Melissa Dunn (604-466-4344, mserafin@ualberta.ca) or Rob Dorrell (604-317-0649) and a Shop Steward will be assigned to you.

Maple Ridge:

Nicole Barratt, Chief Shop Steward, Maple Ridge Finance – see above

Shahrzad Honarmand, Maple Ridge Engineering

Andrea Armstrong, Maple Ridge Police Services

Rob Letts, Bylaw and Licensing Department

Phone: (778)977-5387
E-mail: rletts.cupe622@gmail.com


Rob has worked for the City of Maple Ridge since April 2016 as a Bylaw Compliance Officer.  Throughout his working life he has continually worked as a CUPE member since 1996.  During that time he has been a card carrying member of six CUPE locals ranging from the City of Ottawa to the District of Tofino.  In each case he actively participated by familiarizing himself with all six the collective agreements and attending general meetings.  Although, this is Rob’s first formal union position as shop steward, he has helped fellow union brothers and sisters wherever possible, whether simply assisting to interpret the collective agreement or standing up to injustice in the workplace.

Pitt Meadows:

Bob Williams, Chief Shop Steward, Pitt Meadows, see above

Sandy Mallan, Pitt Meadows